Figure 8s workout – 1/2/10

First workout of the new year and I woke up with a cold on January 1st, so workout design had the extra feature of ‘keep contact stick to stick’. I was looking to relate the mechanics of the internal figure 8s (pattern of motor activation in the body) transitioning through double stick and empty hand, going from pattern on point, to footwork that makes the pattern obvious, back to a fixed lead in an attempt to draw out development of short power. Eric put a nice coda to the matter by doing related staff work as a finisher.

Double sticks- done either into a V feed or with a partner playing beat the invisible guy in the middle Cob-cob- 4 count-from point High-Low- 4 count- from point (r forehand high, r backhand low)

This pattern is useful as it brings out both dropping and rising power, and relates very nicely to largo mano- heavy two handed weapon use. Nice for developing coordination between body and hit especially. . .

High-Low- 4 count- with footwork- step the opposite side leg back with the forehand and weight drop into the lead, bring the leg up with the backhand to get rising power (don’t let the upper body let off/go back). Play with lateral motion as well as backward

High-low-4 count- with full steps, changing feet, coordinating power with motion so backhand comes with forward leg drive, forehand comes with drop, linear, first dry, then into V-feed. Very fast. Good for the beatdown.

High-low-4 count- keep a lead, same foot in front, feel the same hip/ body action as with the full steps.

Empty-hand- cob-cob as hitting pattern on focus mitts. Downward hammerfists to start, then bring the target up, keeping the weight going into the target

Eric’s finishers

Staff Forehand hits moving forward slightly with each Same to target, small step forward with eahc 3 person drill- feeder puts pressure on both hands of the person hitting while other person holds the target for a forehand hit, moving it back a bit on each one. Keep pressure and power in both hands, from the body. Remember to rip the shoulders over.

Good times!

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