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Rene Latosa

Filipino Martial Arts Concepts
Home website of our leader and inspiration, Grandmaster Rene Latosa. Huge amount of conceptual information, historical context, and attitude here.


We do bulk orders of rattan every now and again, so let us know and we’ll cut you a piece from our existing stock. What size is right? As a rule of thumb, for a single-handed training weapon, the maximum diameter should allow you to grip the weapon such that your third and fourth fingers come close to touching your palm. A two-handed weapon can be of slightly larger diameter. Single sticks range from 24-30″ generally. The longer and heavier, the more difficult to control. A staff should be at least, slightly taller than you.
Zen Warrior Armoury
Source of quality fencing masks at fair prices. This mask represents the “high end” and includes a stainless steel mesh (strong) and washable bib (sanitary). This one is more cost effective, has the washable bib and sufficient facial protection.
Purpleheart Armoury
Family-owned vendor of medieval weaponry and gear.
Crane Mountain Weapons
These guys do really nice custom hardwood weapons. Purpleheart staffs are highly recommended, as are their tonfa.

Like-Minded Weapons and Martial Arts Folk

Lonin Historical European Martial Arts club

Where we share a training space in the Lonin loft at SANCA.

The School of European Swordsmanship
Western martial arts school in Helsinki, Finland founded by Guy Windsor.

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