Staff workout – January 16

Working on the transition from staff to empty hand

Hits off the back with single stick (crunches) between exercises. Emphasize full body use, opposite shoulder coming in on back hand. 6×50 (100 hits/set)

Forehand hit with staff

  • dry- full step in and decelerate with body drop, to half step, to feet static
    • vs target- static
    • vs target- placed randomly

3 person drill- one person with two focus mitts, one with target, person with the staff hits to hit mitts with fists and target with staff

  • lead foot forward
  • lead foot back
  • move from above to empty hand , losing staff, once staff hits dialed in. Transition to feeling lead straight (lead hand with front foot forward, rear with front foot back), rear straight (rear hand with lead foot forward), lead hook (lead hand with lead foot back), back hands, etc.

Eric’s finisher -Box vs free, single stick -box vs high forehand, high back hand, low forehand, both sides.

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