Workout 2009-12-5

Couple newbies today — staff basics lecture

  • Hold long end out at side
  • Hit like you’re doing a pushup – both arms fire
  • Roll the hit or the stab, rolling back to ready position after hit (wrong: pull back and then strike; correct: strike and then roll to ready position)
  • Maintain staff at about shoulder level (keep it high so strike can go downward)
  • – Maintain arms at about shoulder width (max reach, strength of hit and optimal wrist position)

Staff strikes

  • Warmup by rotating staff from one side to the next
  • Rolling (complete) single hit
  • Suppressed hit then stab (e.g., clear weapon then stab)
  • Stab then rolling hit forward or back (e.g., stab, opponent moves, lateral hit to connect)

Staff drill

  • Two feeders in the middle move around holding target at head height. Make eye contact with classmate, classmate attempts to connect with both a stab and a lateral hit followup. Emphasis on mobility, accuracy and achieving power in more free situation

Punching to targets

  • Punch with lead arm but check opposite hand as well
  • Apply against jabs (from Andrew’s workout Friday night)

Technical finisher

  • Apply figure 8 hit to opponent’s body against outside strike (attack direct to body)
  • Apply figure 8 hit to passing / counterstriking outside strike (attack stick/hand and then body)
  • Apply figure 8 hit passing / ducking — empty hand against stick
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