Staff Basics


  • Hold the staff at the end for maximum reach
  • Both palms down or one down, one up
  • Basic position is roughly parallel to floor and held about shoulder height
  • Staff is parallel to your chest
  • Hands about shoulder width apart (maximum reach and wrist flexibility)
  • Point of the staff is aimed at your target


  • Hit as if you were doing a pushup – both arms extend simultaneously
  • Strike starts by moving forward. The recovery back to ready position happens AFTER the strike, not before.
  • Fire the arms fast (almost like you are throwing). “Rip” the shoulder.
  • Roll the hit – the tip of the weapon describes a flat ellipse during a full strike
  • When stabbing, also roll the weapon
  • When hitting or stabbing, keep the weapon parallel to your chest
  • Involve the body in your hit. Drop your weight or, rise with the hit.

Zoning / Suppressing

  • “Zoning” means you hit to a specific target
  • The rolling / elliptical motion of the strike allows for the power of a follow-through with the fast recovery of a focused / stopped strike.
  • “Suppressing” means you stop the weapon before it completes its path to the intended target

Hitting combinations

  • Full rolling hit with both feet pinned (use body drop or rise)
  • Full rolling hit with one foot pinned and other foot stepping
  • Two full hits to same point, lead foot stepping forward and back (so, the strike when the foot lands in the back position has to be longer)
  • Work suppressed hits followed by a second hit or stab
  • Same as above with rolling stabs.
  • Work rolling stabs with sliding footwork (rear foot is launch for shuffle step)
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