Rene Latosa Seminar, Dec 4-5 in Seattle!

Rene Latosa, one of the pre-eminent Filipino martial arts figures of our day, will be in Seattle December 4-5 sharing his unique, concept-driven approach to martial arts. He brings with him over 40 years in Filipino martial arts, having started his education as one of the original students at the Stockton Academy and then refining his skills and approach by training with his father, a martial artist of great skill, insight, and repute. Having started his journey at the first public school for FMA in the US, he went on to spread Filipino martial arts through Europe, and now has tens of thousands of students world-wide.

Here’s a link to a PDF flyer. Here’s some background on Rene.

Practitioners from all schools, clubs, styles, and experience levels are welcome. Mr Latosa’s approach is reductionist and ‘style-neutral’- looking towards essential characteristics of motion and combat for truths applicable across systems. His teaching emphasizes development of core basics which cut across systems and coaching of each individual to improve those basics and translate them into all of their motion, rather than simply teach rote drills or prescriptive solutions.

The following training sessions are planned:

Double Weapons Use – Saturday, December 4th from 12-2:30 Yesler Community Center — 917 E Yesler Way — at Yesler & Broadway Google map to Yesler Community Center

A look at double weapons, the idea of the figure 8 within the context of double weapon use and outside of it, and transition of the ideas of double weapon use into empty hand and other weapons. The strategies and motion derived from double stick use are one of the defining characteristics of FMA and have important implications for both empty hand and long weapon use. $60 general public / $50 if affiliated with any Seattle area club

Getting there first — Sunday, December 5th from 9-11:30am SANCA in Georgetown — 674 S. Orcas St Google map to SANCA in Georgetown

One of the key concepts in Filipino martial arts is Speed/Timing/Distance. The three components of this concept are inseparable, and might be summed up as “getting there first.” What is involved in developing speed, anyway? Bring your weapon of choice and prepare to learn how with it, you can optimize your speed, timing, and distance sense. $60 general public / $50 if affiliated with any Seattle area club. Lunch following.

Plus, Sunday afternoon small group session at private home in Seattle/Madrona — ask for details!

Email for details.

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