Inside defense, roof, transition to double sticks vs staff

Warmup Lunge matrix- step to 10 directions from point, both leads -single stick- 4 sides of the box -staff- 5 strikes

Double stick figure 8- both chambered on same side (r)- R forehand (rechambers), L backhand (carries over to L), R forehand (carries over), same on left -done as paired drill (both making pattern) -done into V feed- move to each foot position of lunge matix and hit -paired again Focus on getting all three hits on each side off a single weight shift- the feeling of an avalanche landing- continuous falling

Double stick vs staff -defend backhand- if both in same lead, aim to get lead shot going as backhand, rear as a forehand to keep focus on body of person with staff and cut tighter angle rather than hit two forehands and go directly into the force of the staff. Counters should come out with similar mechanics to double stick pattern used above

Part two- Cycles inside vs #3 roof vs #1 roof inside vs 1, 3 inside roof vs 3,1 Box- any 2 vs any 2

Sparring Hunt the hand Roof vs high forehand (feeder enters with forehand)

Roof or inside vs 1 or 3- defend changing angles of forehand

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