Intro to sparring and the box system

Warmup -shoulder circles with stick across elbows, and stick in hadn to feel cam action of shoulders- high forehand or low forehand depending on rising or dropping shot

Lunge matrix- 10 directions from point, both legs with the box, 2x through, both leads -roof -outside defense -inside defense -down

Line drill- roof vs #1 ‘static’- i.e. from static, step in with hit, defend and counter with roof, mix footwork

Stalking drill- from stalking, roof vs # 1

at this point we broke into two stations, padded stick drilling/sparring, and live stick. All done from both leads

Live stick: Roof vs #1 cycle- covered different footwork ideas- repetitive drill with both taking same step all the time, vs varying stepping with each attack/defense

Outside vs #2 cycle

#1, #2 vs roof, outside cycle

Touched on looping cycle idea

Padded stick/sparring

Hunt the hand

Roof vs #1, one person is feeder

Outside vs #2, same

Defend #1 or #2

Good times!

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