Training notes 9/4/2010

Working on developing a curriculum. This stemmed from that impulse, plus wanting to cover some box stuff. Everything done from both leads.

Warmup: 5 strikes from point

Stepping out from point in 8 directions (4 with each leg, no crossing over, though that’s an option for hip work)- didn’t go very low, mainly working on focus- keep focal point dead in front of original ‘point’ where feet were together. Went through this with each of 5 strikes, each lead

Moving on to partner work:

Feeder puts a stick up as a target, stays constant in one place (forcing people to learn and use longer and shorter hits- hmm- could focus on just that sometime to start to teach short power)

  • Forehand to target, moving to each of 8 directions
  • Backhand to target moving to each of 8 directions
  • Switch single stick out for knife, and same drill with knife but with partner giving constant pressure to chest while you’re in motion- trying to impart sense of balance which should be constantly present whether disconnected or free

Into the box-

  • Feeder now gives a moving target- moving towards person’s head
  • Forehand- counter with backhand (roof) moving to 8 directions
  • Backhand-counter with forehand (outside defense) moving to 8 directions
  • Finisher- start with you back to the feeder, as you turn and look at them, they give you a high forehand or backhand- counter, moving as you feel most comfortable
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