Fall 2010 Administeria

The summer is finally winding down and we are heading into the last couple outdoor sessions of the year. This Saturday at Gasworks Park, we will meet around 10am by the restrooms on the main entrance walkway. My plan is to work on footwork and free hitting concepts, transitioning into box-system/interrupt striking for the more experienced among us. Be sure to take advantage of the last couple of sessions in this beautiful location. I will be doing a preview of this workout tonight at the U-District YMCA (8:30pm).

Current members and interested parties, please note the following two administrative details, one of which you need to take action on, otherwise you won’t hear from us again. You’ll have one more chance next week.

1) Register for classes at Yesler Community Center We will be moving back to the Yesler Community Center on Saturday, September 11. I append below the registration instructions provided by Kiesha Cannon of Seattle Parks. Please do sign up for the fall sessions (all four if possible) as soon as possible. The process should be more streamlined now with web registration. Contact Kiesha directly at the email or phone number below if you need assistance. The fee is still $25/month or $15/teens for participation at Yesler.

2) Sign up for the new email list We are phasing out this notices list, which we have used to broadcast announcements to a number of people who are current participants in the club, or past respondents to our Craigslist ads. If you want to continue receiving club emails, please go to http://lists.seattle-escrima.org/listinfo.cgi/members-seattle-escrima.org. Scroll down to the middle of the page where you enter your name and email address, and then click Subscribe. The new email list will be two-way, so any member of the list can send email to the list, or reply-all. It will also have various digest options, which may be useful if it starts getting chatty eventually, but probably won’t be necessary anytime soon. We will give you another reminder next week, then we will retire this list and start using the new one. (Those of you on Lonin, Andrew and I will continue to CC Lonin until told otherwise).

Hope the rest of your week goes well.

Best, Eric


Yesler Community Center Saturday Class Registration Details

Saturdays, 10a – 12p Course #59537 – 9/11 – 10/2 Course #59538 – 10/9 – 10/30 Course #59539 – 11/6 – 11/27 Course #59540 – 12/4 – 12/18

Ways to register

Via phone during our business hours @ 206.386.1245

In person at the community center 917 E Yesler Way, Seattle 98122

On-line via SPARC at http://seattle.gov/parks.

If they have never used SPARC it may take a little extra time because the program has to verify or something like that to create the account. After the initial set-up it’s much faster and easier to use. I can also set up the account for them over the phone and provide them with the info they need to register if they want.

If you or your students have any questions they can reach me via this email address (( Kiesha.Cannon@seattle.gov )) or my direct line @ 206.684.3823.

Thanks much, Kiesha

Kiesha Cannon Assistant Recreation Coordinator Seattle Parks & Recreation Yesler Community Center 917 E Yesler Way Seattle, WA 98122 206.386.1245

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